About Us

Four generations of the Peel family, starting in 1937, have strived to provide leadership and to energize the beauty industry through innovation.

We know it takes a savvy blend of top-quality service, cutting-edge technology, and thin-margin pricing to be successful in today’s highly competitive environment. So that’s what we’re offering with Bold 3PL Logistics.

We greatly value our lasting relationships with industry professionals as well as manufacturers, and look forward to providing you the benefits of our latest venture.

About the Peel family partners

Bob Peel

Bob PeelI have only had one job — in our fourth generation family hair care business that was founded in 1937.

And it’s definitely been a Peel family affair. My brother and I started working in the business as teenagers… making the hair tonic.

Actually, after graduating from Kansas State University in 1974 with a dual degree in Marketing and Management, I had other career plans. I was going to accept a job offer from AMF/Brunswick to sell Ben Hogan Golf Clubs and Head Snow Skis. However, the recession that year resulted in the offer being cancelled.

So it only seemed logical to go where I knew I could get a good job and headed back home to Hutchinson to work for my father. In 1974 Peel’s Beauty Supply was a small barber supply distributorship doing $1.2 million annual sales.

The other really smart move I made was marrying my high school sweetheart, Kristina. We’ve been married now 38 years and raised three amazing daughters. All played some college golf, and now I’m enjoying teaching our sons-in-law and three grandsons to play golf.

In 1985, the Peel family’s lives took a slight detour. Kris and I, and my parents had boarded TWA Flight 847 in Athens, Greece, getting ready to return home after a Mediterranean cruise. The plane was hijacked, leading to three very scary days on the plane followed by being held hostage in Beirut for 14 days.

Fortunately we finally got home relatively unscathed and our lives returned to normal.

A definite highlight of my career has been my involvement with the national association and the opportunity to serve as its president. During my term back in the 90s, we raised over $2 million for Breast Cancer Research and I made friends in every state.

By 2010, my brother and I had grown Peel’s annual sales to $120 million. In December of that year, we sold our 73 year old business to L’Oreal. And now I am pursuing a Bold new career, so to speak.

Bart Kooiman

Bart KooimanI feel very fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to be a Partner in Bold LLC. Capitalizing on my education and experience, I have responsibility for business planning, sales, and marketing.

I reside in Hutchinson with my wife, Erin, and our two sons.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Prior to joining Bold, I worked in sales management and sales at several companies including SalonCentric, a division of L’Oreal; Grainger Industrial Supply; and Bayer Corporation.

One of the things I most enjoy is taking long walks along the beach at sunset with my wife. Obviously now that we’re living in the middle of Kansas there’s not much opportunity for that. So I tend to get my enjoyment from playing golf, biking, and wrestling with our tireless sons. I also really enjoy doing yard work.

I always look forward to visiting family in Wisconsin and to an annual camping trip to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. Life is good when you take a Bold approach!

Darren Barnes

Darren BarnesI am really excited about being a key player in this new Peel family venture as a partner in Bold. My experience includes seven years as a sales consultant for Peels Supply and two years in sales with SalonCentric.

A graduate of Hutchinson Community College, I happily live here in Hutch with my wife, Erika, and our two sons. When not working, I enjoy a wide range of activities including golfing, camping, eating, wine, and the occasional workout. I am a member of the Young Professionals of Reno County and am proudly serving on the board of the legendary Prairie Dunes Country Club.

As I take Bold steps into the future with my partners, I look forward to what we can accomplish, and how much we can help other businesses.